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Frequently Asked Questions About Careers

What is a medical scribe?

A scribe refers to a medical scribe, who are highly trained individuals in medical documentation assisting healthcare providers throughout a patient encounter. Scribes eliminate both the burden and distraction of EMR conversions and ongoing utilization, allowing clinicians more time to focus on patient care.

Many of Elite’s medical scribes are pre-med students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. We typically employ college juniors, seniors and recent graduates, as well as individuals who have completed a two-year associates degree.

Why should I be an Elite medical scribe?

Following the Elite Academy training, Elite’s medical scribes receive a unique education ‘at the elbow’ from some of the nation’s finest healthcare providers at some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in the world.

We offer the most robust and dynamic education, training and development of any medical scribe program in the United States. Our involvement in the quality of care received by patients is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. The providers with whom we work on a daily basis utilize our medical scribe services to ensure that their patients receive the most efficient and effective healthcare outcomes possible.

Doctors and professional school admissions boards know that, in addition to being incredibly talented and highly motivated, Elite’s medical scribes complete a rigorous training program in order to be considered for one of our many scribe program locations across the country.

We are looking for people who really want to make a difference. There are many benefits to joining the Elite Medical Scribe team, including opportunities for advancement, travel, and eligibility for our Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship Program.

Wondering what a medical scribe does? And if you could do it?

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What type of training and development will I receive as a medical scribe?

In 2008, we introduced the most comprehensive training program in the industry for scribes working in the emergency room. A combination of online courses, challenging quizzes, one-on-one training, workshops, and an extensive final exam – our continuing education and scribe preparation experience was without equal.

Since then, we’ve added customized training and development programs for more than 30 unique specialties – more than any other scribe company! Working with board certified clinicians, we have developed a syllabus for many specialties, with the single focus of ensuring the highest quality scribe services in the country.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced trainers guide motivated and accomplished scribe candidates through every aspect of our rigorous program. As a company, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, and as a result, we invest heavily in the ongoing education of every team member prior to program implementation, and consistently thereafter.

To date, Elite is the only scribe program management company to create fully adaptive training and education programs tailored to each of the unique and varied specialties we support.

We believe that, by investing in your training and development, we are creating the best medical scribe services experience in the industry. Not only does this prepare you for your career as a medical scribe, but your future in the medical industry.

Why should I join the Elite corporate team?

Healthcare providers rely on our superior scribe services to provide better healthcare outcomes.

Elite Medical Scribes is dedicated to continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, to raise the standards of service delivery for our clients, and throughout the medical industry. We are also committed to providing a fulfilling and rewarding education and employment environment for thousands of individuals interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Our company embraces diversity, fosters trust, and celebrates the unique and vital contributions of every team member. Elite’s corporate employees experience a fast-paced, innovative and collaborative team.

To join our team and help us continue to create the most successful scribe programs in the world, apply now!

What other career opportunities does Elite offer?

At Elite Medical Scribes, we support the training and advancement of our medical scribe team. Many scribes go on to become Assistant Chief Scribes, Chief Scribes, or trainers.

Assistant Chief Scribes and Chief Scribes are responsible for ensuring the day-to-day success of a specific site. Many of our successful scribes grow into the Assistant Chief Scribe or Chief Scribe role after they’ve developed the skills and relationships necessary to manage their site.

As an Elite trainer, you will spend a great deal of time on-the-road, providing the highest quality training and development to our scribes, focused on a single goal – improved delivery of healthcare services. Our trainers are also responsible for assisting providers in fully optimizing the use of their Elite scribe.

Both of these demanding roles require previous experience as a scribe, and an extensive working knowledge of the technology used to document patient encounters.

Apply to join the nation’s most Elite scribe training team today!

Are there advancement opportunities for Elite employees?

Elite Medical Scribes provides every new scribe trainee with the most informative and robust education in the industry. Opportunities for career advancement are available to individuals within our scribe programs, in addition to the corporate level. We offer opportunities for scribes to travel as a trainer, implementations specialist or project manager.

Below is a list of several advancement and career opportunities that scribes have pursued in the past.

Medical Scribe Recruiter
The Medical Scribe Recruiter is responsible for developing and executing recruiting plans, building a pipeline of potential candidates, sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, and hiring qualified talent.

Clinical Project Development Manager
Clinical Project Development Manager is responsible for exploring, analyzing, proposing and assisting with the development of new service offerings and current service enhancements, and providing necessary clinical support to Operations team.

Regional Quality Assurance Manager
The Regional Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring innovative, customized, data driven and ultimately highest quality scribe services delivery to each client in the region.

HR and Operations Assistant
The HR Assistant / Office Coordinator provides administrative support to the HR and Operations teams and assists with employee onboarding.

Business Analyst
The Business Analyst will concentrate on compiling and analyzing various data aimed at continuing to optimize client satisfaction and retention, while improving their scribe services ROI.

Implementations Specialist / Medical Scribe Trainer
This position is responsible for facilitating and delivering world-class superior quality scribe training through various learning and instructional modalities.

How does Elite Medical Scribes support my career in the medical field?

A career in medicine is a significant undertaking. The experience gained being a scribe, while working alongside seasoned practitioners, offers university students and recent graduates a unique window into the responsibilities and challenges they may encounter.

Working as a scribe can have a dramatic impact on applications to medical, PA or NP school, as well as career advancements across one of the fastest growing industries. As a scribe, you achieve a level of clinical reasoning and experience that places you ahead of your peers. In addition, working as a scribe allows you to develop long-lasting professional relationships with physicians and administrators in a variety of fields.

We are thoroughly committed to employee engagement and development. As such, life as an Elite medical scribe is ever-changing and exciting!

As a member of our team, you will:

  • Develop important professional relationships with healthcare professionals in a variety of fields
  • Have the ability to obtain letters of recommendation for professional/graduate school
  • Cultivate networking opportunities in the medical industry
  • Enhance your clinical reasoning skills prior to starting your professional career
  • Add valuable experience to your resume
  • Be eligible to apply for our Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship
  • Prepare for a career in the healthcare industry
  • Excel at Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) during the medical school application process
  • Get a frank, behind-the-scenes look at the world of healthcare
Does Elite Medical Scribes offer scholarships or letters of recommendation?

Yes! Elite Medical Scribes is proud to support our medical scribe and corporate teams in their medical careers. For this reason, we have invested heavily in programs that benefit future development.

The Dr. Edward Wegrzynowicz Memorial Scholarship program was created to celebrate and pay respect to the more than 30 years of dedicated service he gave to the medical profession. This scholarship supports the education of medical professionals who demonstrate a similar character and disposition to Dr. Wegrzynowicz.

Learn more about our scholarship opportunities

We are also happy to write a letter of recommendation for our Elite team members. In fact, many members of the Elite team have taken advantage of this perk as they pursue continued education.

To inquire about a letter of recommendation, please contact HR.

Is there a minimum employment period for Elite scribes?

We invest a considerable amount of time and resources into the education, training and development of each individual we employ. We do not impose mandatory minimal employment terms, however, preference may be given to those applicants who are able to commit to longer periods of employment.

Still wondering what a scribe is? Contact us to learn more.

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