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Finding the Right Medical Scribe Services Company

Elite’s Medical Scribe Programs and Management

Elite’s medical scribe services enhance the quality of patient care through industry-leading program management solutions, specifically designed to support service delivery in hospitals, specialty clinics, and emergency departments.

Hiring a medical scribe fills the growing void that has been created by the evolving healthcare structure, specifically the added responsibilities related to electronic medical record (EMR) conversion and documentation. Medical scribe programs are implemented to shift the burdensome administrative tasks from health professionals to medical scribes, allowing for more time to effectively treat more patients.

Elite delivers seamless and efficient implementation of a medical scribe program, ensuring that workflow and patient care are undisturbed during program setup. And, Elite’s thorough and tested Elite Academy produces proficient scribes who require much less on-site training than those trained through other medical scribe companies or homegrown scribe programs.

Once implemented, Elite ensures program efficiency by providing quality assurance program management, expert workflow assessment, billing and coding optimization, and continuing medical education opportunities. Elite’s commitment to quality and responsiveness to client partner needs save healthcare providers valuable resources.

To discover the medical scribe services that could be benefiting your organization and providers, view the list below.


Services Offered:

A scribe is a highly trained individual who performs the electronic medical record (EMR) documentation on behalf of the clinician, which eliminates both the burden and distraction of EMR, leaving a provider free to completely focus on their patient.

Medical scribes document patient history, physical examinations, vital signs, laboratory and diagnostic studies, consultations, and more.  If a healthcare provider is required to update these records independently, a great deal of time is taken away from the patient.

Training Curriculum:

Unlike other medical scribe companies, Elite trains scribes in more than 30 different specialties, across emergency departments, inpatient settings, and outpatient clinics, allowing for a customized program for clients. Learn about the Elite Academy here.

Focused Benefit:

While preserving the reputation of the provider and focusing on the long-term success of the organization, Elite keeps clients at their best by saving time and generating a return on investment. Read more about The Elite Difference here.

Performance Measurement:

Elite’s quality assurance team consistently measures the performance of each medical scribe and medical scribe program, utilizing a rigorous review process that ensures an accurate and dynamic analysis of various performance metrics.

Health providers can attest to Elite Medical Scribes’ high standard in documentation and proven value through exceptional service. Elite is the medical scribe company they trust to deliver the best staffing solutions for their situation. Read testimonies here.

Driven by the desire to make a difference and enhance the quality of patient care, Elite’s medical scribe management solutions successfully impact clinician productivity, profitability, and efficiency, while improving patient and clinician satisfaction. Contact us here to learn how Elite’s medical scribe services can make a difference in your practice.