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Family Medicine Medical Scribes

Elite Medical Scribes is the nation’s preeminent provider of the highest quality medical scribe services for healthcare systems, physician groups, and independent practices. Our services address the unique needs of more than 30 medical specialties – including our fastest growing focus area, Family Medicine, wherein we are helping clinicians increase efficiency, optimize reimbursement, and improve clinician and patient satisfaction. Elite Medical Scribes is a valued partner in Family Medicine, where physician burnout and the challenges of hiring are significant.

“Having a scribe by my side has allowed me to keep up with my busy practice during the day and gave me back two to three hours per night of family time that I otherwise spent typing or dictating. I could not imagine running my practice the way I do without a scribe!”

– Mark Bradley, DO, Family Medicine physician

By Family Medicine Clinicians, for Family Medicine Clinicians

Unlike other scribe providers, Elite Medical Scribes boasts a Family Medicine physician who is not only an owner, but is integrally involved in training development and operations. We understand the unique issues of primary care and help provide solutions from the initial implementation to daily operations. We utilize the industry’s most advanced medical scribe training program, the Elite Academy, to train our scribes to be the most effective and efficient assistants possible. Our Family Medicine track trains scribes to be skilled in specialty-specific terminology, physical examination techniques, differential diagnoses, medications, and ICD-10/coding and billing.

cody wenlandt“At Elite Medical Scribes, our relationship with our clients is like that between a primary care provider and their patients. We seek to understand our client’s problems and needs, and work together to design solutions that allow both parties to grow and be successful over the years.”

Cody W. Wendlandt, M.D.
Family Medicine physician, Co-Founder and Medical Director at Elite Medical Scribes

Increase Clinician Satisfaction and Work/Life Balance

Physician burnout in primary care is becoming a significant problem. The use of scribes has proven to be particularly beneficial in solving this issue. Medical scribes are trained to support clinicians through performing medical documentation, which in turn, allows for greater mental availability and focus.

“Studies of medical scribes in primary care settings found improvements in clinician satisfaction, an increase in the accuracy of chart notes and productivity, a decrease in no-show rates, cycle time, and staff cost per relative value unit, an increase in gross net revenue per visit, and improvements in clinical quality measures.”

– The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Improve the Patient Experience and Access

Utilization of medical scribes can decrease patient wait time and increase a clinician’s overall availability to their patients. Typically, patient satisfaction scores improve significantly as a result.

“Scribes can provide many benefits to the practice of medicine, ultimately impacting the overall quality of healthcare delivery.”


Positively Impact the Bottom Line

At Elite Medical Scribes, we understand the nuances of business and medicine and are uniquely positioned to provide customized solutions to address your organization’s specific needs. As case studies have demonstrated, it only takes one or two patients per day to offset the initial investment in a scribe. This cost is oftentimes covered by a healthcare system or shared with the clinician. Supporting healthcare providers with scribes can help address physician hiring challenges, thus lowering recruitment and retention costs.

Family Medicine Statistics

To learn more, contact us or give us a call at 1-844-20-ELITE.


Medical Scribes in the Primary Care Setting:


Family Medicine Case Study

Medical scribes contribute to increased physician satisfaction, productivity, revenue, and patient-clinician interactions – especially in primary care, where physician burnout can be significant. Read our latest case study about how one leading healthcare system benefitted.

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Medical scribes in the primary care setting

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