Elite Medical Scribes Makes Headlines for Innovating Twin Cities’ Medical Scene

Elite Medical Scribes of Bloomington, Minnesota was recently recognized by Twin Cities Business Magazine as one of 10 businesses receiving a Small Business Success Story award for its pursuance of enhancing the patient-physician relationship. Through innovating its medical scribe program and relentlessly aiding pre-med students and physicians in achieving their goals, Elite Medical Scribes has quickly become one of the leading names in medical scribing nationwide.

Founders Marcin J Kubiak, MBA and Cody Wendlandt, MD saw an urgent need for medical scribe services across many healthcare specialties. They, along with CEO Yuriy Vasylenko, MBA, realized early on the value a scribe brings to physicians, hospitals and, most importantly, patients. And while adopting a medical scribe program in a healthcare facility seemed like a much-needed move for today’s modern processes and electronic health record (EHR) utilization, it wasn’t easy, at first, getting hospitals and clinics on-board. Through constant innovation and proving the invaluable worth of medical scribes, Elite is now on the Inc. 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies

Growing the Medical Scribe Industry, Patient Satisfaction and Bright Futures

Elite Medical Scribes was founded in 2008. During this time, the scribe industry was facing initial hesitation from potential partners. Many were unfamiliar with the role of a medical scribe, causing initial roadblocks in Elite’s efforts to grow the business. While the benefits of a medical scribe were clearly needed in the medical industry—especially with the rise of EHRs—it was hard to budge the pre-existing workflows that healthcare facilities were utilizing. Through persistence, educating clients, sticking to core values, and exceeding client expectations, Elite became the leading medical scribe provider in the Midwest at first and the entire nation shortly thereafter. Its efforts were most recently recognized by Twin Cities Business as a Small Business Success Story.

The role of the medical scribe is to shadow a physician as they interact with patients and enter information into the electronic medical record within a hospital’s IT system. As Vasylenko states in the interview with Twin Cities Business, “Physicians will spend 30, 40, 50 percent of their time during the shift doing admin work, which makes zero sense economically.” With the aid of a medical scribe performing necessary yet time-consuming administrative tasks, a physician is able to spend 30–50 percent more time seeing patients. Typically, a healthcare facility using the skills of scribes enables clinicians to see up to five more patients per day than facilities that don’t use scribes at all.

The more time a patient can spend face to face with a physician, the better. This boost in patient care can trickle down as other positive payoffs, such as increased patient retention and improved scores on surveys rating patient experiences. Instead of burying clinicians’ time in creating accurate and detailed notes in electronic medical records, they are able to focus on what’s most important: treating their patients. Without the utilization of the medical scribe, these would be much more challenging feats.

Medical scribes receive significant benefits in return for their service. Being a part of a prestigious scribing program broadens a scribe’s familiarity and knowledge of medical processes and terminology. It’s a deep-dive into a field they already love. In fact, being a medical scribe has quickly become the norm for those wishing to go into medical, PA or nursing school, which is why Elite Medical Scribes works hard to help scribes reach their professional goals and dreams. Recognizing its role as a pivotal stepping-stone to a future in medicine, Elite values hard work, intensive training, and ongoing education so that scribes come out prepared for the medical career ahead of them.

Pioneering the Scribe Frontier Nationwide

Elite Medical Scribes today is a far cry from the company of 2008. With a lot of elbow grease in convincing the healthcare industry of the efficiency and productivity that scribes bring to the table, it’s managed to provide services in 30 states. Many local healthcare systems and independent practices such as Fairview, Mayo, HealthPartners, and Allina use the services of Elite for good reason. Individuals who participate in The Elite Academy, the company’s proprietary best-in-class online training program, come out perfectly prepared to succeed in medical scribing positions. These scribes slip easily into the fold and won’t disrupt the operations of a smooth-running hospital or clinic.

What’s more is that Elite Medical Scribes can provide its client partners with medical scribes proficient in 33 different specialties. That’s right. Elite expertly trains its scribes in medical documentation specific to a host of medical subjects because every hospital’s scribing needs are unique. Training scribes in varied specialties means client partners can rest assured that they’re getting the right scribe for the job every time.

What’s on the horizon? As Elite continues to push the boundaries of how much on-site medical scribes can do, they’re expanding into the realm of virtual medical scribing. Virtual medical scribes will make this a geographically limitless tool for any healthcare facility and physician, which will be hugely beneficial to hospitals and clinics that may not have a local scribe workforce available to them.

An Eye on Growing the Future of Medical Scribe Programs

One of Elite Medical Scribes’ core values is to be “tenacious in the pursuit of efficiency, innovation, and excellence.” With tireless determination and a strict adherence to continuous learning and improvement, it’s no wonder why Elite has been able to tout a 3-year growth rate of 380 percent. Not only has Elite established its beaming reputation across healthcare systems, physicians groups, and independent practices, but its incomparable training program, the Elite Academy, along with enthusiasm for each scribe’s professional growth has its respectable reputation growing across masses of pre-med students, too.

If you’re interested in superb execution, outstanding customer service, booming efficiency and enhanced patient experience, see what all the buzz is about at Elite Medical Scribes. We’re ready to answer your questions about becoming a medical scribe or implementing a scribe program into your medical facility. Seek out current medical scribe opportunities across Minnesota and beyond, or get in touch today to learn more about our scribe services for your healthcare system, physician group, or independent practice.

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