Scribes in Academic Insititutions

Medical scribes are found in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, physician practices, emergency departments, ambulatory care organizations, long-term care facilities, and academic institutions.

Scribes in academic institutions face unique environments as compared to those in for-profit healthcare settings.

Scribes offer many benefits, just like in other healthcare organizations, to the academic clinician. By assuming the documentation duties, a scribe enables the attending physician to spend more time teaching AND more time with patients. A scribe improves operational efficiencies by helping with workflow, keeping the doctor informed of lab work and diagnostic test results, and liaising with other physicians, residents, and providers.

Attending physicians who work with scribes can devote more time to medical student training, resident training, and improving the quality of medical student/resident instruction.

Residents themselves can also benefit from scribes. Documentation on electronic medical records (EMR’s) usually is an unfamiliar task for most residents. Documentation is a distraction to the patient and detracts from the resident’s learning experience. With scribes, residents can spend more time focusing on patients, learning the practice of medicine, and learning from their attending physician.

In an academic environment, scribes need to be aware of various practices as well as each specialty’s unique workflows. They must be knowledgeable in department specific medical terminology, procedures, and medications. As for specific practices, both attending physicians and residents must review and verify the scribe documentation and attest to its accuracy (in addition to both signing the chart).

Since teaching takes up a considerable portion of an attending physicians time, scribes can make a tremendous impact in an academic environment. By taking away the burden of documentation for physicians and residents alike, scribes can help improve the quality of resident instruction, improve patient satisfaction, improve clinician satisfaction, and improve the quality of patient care.

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