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Specialty Medical Scribe

Finding medical scribes that are qualified to assist specialized healthcare teams with their documentation responsibilities can be difficult without the proper training. Most medical scribe programs offer candidates with strong typing skills and a basic understanding of their role, but these individuals simply don’t have the training or experience to keep up with the terminology and workflow of their assigned clinicians. Fortunately, Elite Medical Scribes produces high-quality scribe programs across more than 30 medical specialties, allowing us to tailor every aspect of our service to perfectly fulfill the unique demands and preferences of each clinician we assist. Regardless of whether your organization requires scribes that specialize in pediatrics, general surgery, or radiology, Elite will develop a customized team of documentation specialists to meet your needs.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the invaluable scribe services that Elite offers:

  • Virtual Medical Scribes: Using advanced technology, Elite can provide its unrivaled scribe services for any healthcare system, physicians group, or independent practice in the United States. Virtual scribes perform exactly the same duties as they would in person, but all documentation is completed remotely. And make no mistake, Elite’s virtual scribe teams participate in the same extensive training and development programs as our on-site teams. Virtual scribes are an incredible boon for clinicians working in locations that are remote or difficult to staff.
  • Emergency Medical Scribes: Emergency departments (EDs) are highly demanding medical environments. When ED clinicians are moments away from losing a patient to a grievous affliction, it’s almost impossible for them to focus on proper chart documentation. Implementing medical scribes that are trained to work in this hectic environment can significantly reduce patient wait times and provider workload, allowing clinicians to commit more time and focus on delivering quality care for their patients.
  • Outpatient Medical Scribes: Elite’s outpatient medical scribe training programs are customized to fit each field of medicine in order to meet the specific needs of our partners, ultimately resulting in smoother implementations, improved workflows, and optimal support. Additionally, our outstanding outpatient medical scribe specialty programs allow our Elite scribes to help improve patient satisfaction scores, increase productivity, and mitigate the documentation burdens of their assigned clinicians.

Bear in mind that Elite doesn’t just employ these specialized scribes. We also train them using the most sophisticated and comprehensive medical scribe training program in the industry: The Elite Academy.

The Elite Academy

The Elite Academy is an extensive suite of online medical training courses that cover every aspect of becoming a medical scribe, including human anatomy, medical terminology, specialty clinic workflows, electronic medical record systems, chart documentation, compliance policies and much more. This program provides extensive training in 13 medical specialties, allowing trainees to shape their coursework around one specific field of medicine. Additionally, participants have access to a massive library of potential patient scenarios to practice with, which will prepare them for the upcoming challenges and responsibilities they’ll face as medical scribes. Best of all, trainees also receive customized one-on-one training from a Medical Scribe Training Manager. These expert instructors give constructive feedback and counsel that swiftly fosters mastery of the scribing profession.

On-Site Training

Once participants graduate from this illustrious program and become Elite scribes, they will begin on-site training. During these sessions, our scribes observe and learn from an experienced Medical Scribe Trainer during real scribing shifts. Trainees gradually develop knowledge and experience until they are able to accurately document through an entire scribe shift under limited supervision from their trainer. After successful completion of their on-site training, these individuals are welcomed into the Elite family as qualified medical scribes that will exceed client expectations.

How Elite Recruits Scribe Candidates

Here at Elite Medical Scribes, we believe that recruitment is the first and most important step in developing a successful scribe program. We utilize a special applicant tracking system to sort through the thousands of job applications we receive for our medical scribe positions. We also employ an expert team of Medical Scribe Recruiters to search for the best scribe candidates. It’s our goal to ensure that every single medical scribe we employ can perfectly match the needs and preferences of his or her clinician. Consequently, only applicants that meet our industry-leading recruitment standards are considered for employment.

Elite maintains relationships with many reputable schools across the U.S. to attract ideal scribe candidates. Typical applicants are juniors and seniors at a 4-year university or recent college graduates with an interest in pursuing careers as physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants. These are passionate and dedicated individuals with a powerful drive to break into the medical field and make a positive impact on the world. All prospective Elite scribes are required to undergo a series of rigorous assessments and interviews. This selection process is taxing, and with good reason — medical scribing is incredibly demanding and has a very steep learning curve.

How Are Elite’s Medical Scribes Integrated into Medical Teams?

One of the greatest challenges that healthcare organizations face is the task of properly implementing new scribes into their medical team. At Elite, we strive to provide medical scribes that seamlessly fit into the culture and environment of our client partners. To make certain that our scribes become valued team members from the onset of their employment, we immerse them in the specific requirements, mission, and practices of their assigned facility. Our scribes come fully prepared to excel in lessening the documentation burdens of their clinicians, drastically enhancing the quality of patient care in the process.

How Does Elite Support Its Current and Past Scribes?

The incredible individuals that serve as medical scribes today will go on to become skilled doctors, surgeons, and nurses that will save hundreds of thousands of lives from critical injuries and disease. Simply put, they’re the future of our healthcare system. Despite this fact, some scribe service providers don’t offer opportunities for their employees to grow or advance their careers. Elite Medical Scribes fervently believes that supporting the aspirations of its scribes is an invaluable step in effecting positive change in the lives of our colleagues, partners, and communities. That’s why we provide a wide range of resources to help our past and present employees succeed in reaching their professional goals.

1. Continuous Review and Education

First and foremost, all current Elite scribes undergo regular reviews and assessments to ensure that they are thriving in their chosen role. Our scribes also participate in numerous continuing education programs to make sure that they stay up to date on the best and most recent documentation practices and policies.

2. Scholarship Opportunities

Working as a medical scribe is a fantastic option for aspiring medical school students because it allows them to gain work experience, sharpen their medical terminology, meet and network with clinicians, and earn an income at the same time. Unfortunately, the staggering cost of attending healthcare graduate programs often necessitates additional sources of income. Elite Medical Scribes provides two scholarships for its team members:

  • The Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to current or former Elite team members that are accepted into healthcare graduate programs (like medical school or PA school). This award is both needs-based and merit-based.
  • The Neil D. Okeson Memorial Scholarship: New in 2017, this scholarship is awarded to a current Elite employee that exemplifies hard work, tenacity, and commitment to their workplaces as they pursue a career as a healthcare provider.

We’re also happy to write letters of recommendation for our team members, upon request. Elite prides itself in supporting the medical careers of its scribe and the professional careers for the corporate team.

3. Future Employment

Elite Medical Scribes also offers advancement opportunities for their tenured scribes. In fact, many Elite scribes go on to become Assistant Chief Scribes, Chief Scribes, or Medical Scribe Trainers. Here’s a little snippet of information on each role.

  • Assistant Chief Scribes and Chief Scribes ensure the day-to-day success of one specific site. Many successful scribes grow into this role after they’ve developed the connections and skills necessary to manage their site.
  • Elite’s trainers travel across the U.S. to provide high-quality training and development for new scribes to improve their delivery of healthcare services. Elite trainers also work with providers to optimize the use of their medical scribes.

All three of these positions require scribing experience and an intimate understanding of the technology used to document patient encounters.

Elite Medical Scribes: The Nation’s Top Provider of Medical Scribe Training

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Elite scribe, then visit our website and fill out the form on the right side of the page. If a position is open in your area, we’ll send you more information on how to enroll in our renowned training program and the steps that you need to take to become an Elite medical scribe.

If your healthcare organization needs specialty scribes, or if you have any questions or concerns about our services, then be sure to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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