The Link Between Patient Experience and Medical Scribes

Patient Satisfaction

The patient-physician relationship is a critical component of medical care. Patients need to trust, respect, and be comfortable with their chosen practitioner in order to convey their symptoms and concerns effectively, and doctors need to commit the entirety of their focus and energy toward understanding and listening to the people in their care to provide the optimum patient experience. Unfortunately, many factors can impede the growth of these essential relationships, including language barriers, biases on either side, and physician time or schedule constraints.

Before the advent of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), physicians could dedicate almost all of their work time to direct patient care. But the implementation of these electronic records forced practitioners to complete substantial amounts of charting for every patient they treated. Consequently, clinicians saw fewer patients throughout the day and could only provide them with a fraction of the time and focus they deserved. This had significant adverse effects on the patient-physician relationship, resulting in less accurate medical assessments and a severe reduction in the satisfaction and comfort of patients across the United States.

Various medical experts struggled to find a feasible solution to this overwhelming issue in the world of patient care. Healthcare providers are required by law to accurately document each patient encounter, so ignoring or putting minimal effort into these records wasn’t an option. Most clinicians would end up bringing their work home or staying long after a shift was finished to comply with these extensive rules and regulations. To make matters worse, these health records require an intimate understanding of specialized medical terminology and language to properly complete, making the process of finding someone with the training and qualifications to help fill them out accurately incredibly difficult. Fortunately, Elite Medical Scribes and other innovators in the field of healthcare pioneered and developed what we now call medical scribe programs. These invaluable services provide beleaguered physicians with assistants to aid them in their daily documentation responsibilities, granting them the time and energy needed to effectively foster positive relationships with their patients.

Today, we’ll be exploring the connection between medical scribes and the patient experience. To begin, let’s further examine how essential the physician-patient relationship is to the process of recovery and to maintaining good health.

The Benefits of the Physician-Patient Relationship

A patient’s adherence to his or her treatment is paramount to recovery. There are several factors that make patients less likely to stick with a treatment plan, including anxiety, depression and instructions that are overly complex or confusing. After all, it’s incredibly difficult to stay focused on treatment and taking care of yourself when you feel depressed, don’t understand the importance of taking your medication, or have instructions that are far too difficult to follow. Physicians can significantly boost their patient’s likelihood to adhere to the prescribed regimen by maintaining a strong personal bond with them. Patients who trust their physicians and communicate with them frequently will understand their conditions and the importance of each step in their treatment. Furthermore, patients who are struggling with anxiety or confusion will be much more likely to reach out to doctors that they’ve connected with, leading to improved adherence and higher probability of a successful recovery.

Recent studies have shown that patients who feel that their physicians treat them fairly and interact with them outside of the office are more likely to be active in their own health care as well, demonstrating impressive knowledge of their afflictions and developing the skills and confidence to manage their own chronic conditions. This means that patients who maintain strong relationships with their clinicians have an increased likelihood of living happier and healthier lives by staying on top of their medical issues and controlling adverse conditions on their own when possible. Regrettably, it’s next to impossible for physicians to give patients their full attention and keep in contact with them outside of scheduled office visits when they’re constantly bombarded with medical paperwork. By utilizing scribes, these practitioners are given more opportunities to dedicate their time to helping patients and empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their own health.

How Medical Scribes Promote Positive Patient Experiences

A medical scribe’s chief responsibility is assisting his or her assigned practitioner by minimizing the burden and distraction of EMR conversions and ongoing utilization. Scribes will follow their physician for the entire shift and assist with documenting every patient interaction. This might sound like a simple task, but effective medical scribing is incredibly challenging. Only individuals with substantial training and a solid understanding of medical care and terminology can thrive in scribing positions. In fact, most of Elite’s medical scribes are pre-med students with a passion for patient care. Working with these intelligent and driven professionals is a massive boon for physicians, providing them with total confidence that all required records for their patients will be quickly and expertly completed.

By working with a medical scribe, clinicians are given much more time to focus on patient care (and they are seeing more patients each shift), allowing them to commit all of their resources and efforts into understanding their patients, forming strong personal bonds, and giving quality medical advice and treatment. This increased one-on-one time allows patients to learn more about their physicians as well, slowly but surely establishing trust and respect for them. Not only does this make it easier for the patient to understand medical advice and instructions (making it much more likely for them to adhere to recommended treatment methods), but it also opens opportunities for them to find a friend and confidant in their physician. This mitigates the risk of depression and anxiety from creeping into the minds of patients, further promoting adherence to the treatment.

The ultimate result of an ideal patient-physician bond is a confident and happy individual with a strong drive to learn about and overcome their own medical issues. These patients feel safe, secure, and knowledgeable thanks to the healthy relationships they have with their physicians. They will heed and value the medical council and treatment given to them, ensuring increased adherence and chances of a full recovery. The fact that the use of medical scribes directly supports the creation of these relationships and patient benefits should give you some idea as to why they’re taking the world of medical care by storm as an essential component of any successful healthcare system, physician group or independent practice.

How Are Medical Scribes Trained?

Learning all the medical terminology and documentation skills that medical scribes are expected to have takes extensive training. At Elite Medical Scribes, we train our scribes using an incredibly sophisticated online medical scribe training curriculum: The Elite Academy. The courses in this proprietary program cover all aspects of becoming a medical scribe, including human physiology and anatomy, medical terminology, compliance policies, billing and coding practices, and much more. The Elite Academy also prepares its aspiring scribes for success in their medical careers by providing a massive library of patient scenarios to study. Best of all, our trainees receive real-time feedback on their charting and documentation notes to ensure that they quickly and effectively master these key scribing skills.

Once students graduate from The Elite Academy, they are proficient in medical documentation and are qualified to work in a wide range of medical scribing positions. But the extensive support and guidance we provide our trainees doesn’t end at graduation. Throughout the duration of their employment, our scribes will be given opportunities to participate in regular reviews, skill and knowledge assessments, and completing numerous continuing education programs. We also provide members of the Elite family with scholarships for higher education, future career growth opportunities, letters of recommendation, and many other resources they require to meet their long-term professional goals.

How Can Healthcare Organizations Access Medical Scribes?

There are several medical scribe programs available to physician groups, healthcare systems, and hospitals interested in lightening the documentation load of their practitioners. But keep in mind that many of these organizations only provide medical scribes with basic training. These individuals will require valuable time and resources to incorporate into your medical team and may struggle in specialized fields due to a lack of knowledge or terminology.

At Elite, we train our scribes in over 30 medical specialties. This ensures that we can provide a perfectly customized team of medical scribes to any healthcare organization we service. Whether your practitioners specialize in cardiology, orthopedics, or family medicine, we have knowledgeable and expertly trained medical scribes to assist them. Elite also takes substantial steps to ensure that our scribes will fit effortlessly into your medical teams by exposing them to your requirements, mission, and values before they even arrive at your location.

Many smaller or more remote healthcare organizations are hesitant to hire medical scribes, fearful that their locations are too difficult to staff. That’s why Elite offers a superb virtual scribing program as well. Using advanced technology, we can provide our renowned scribing services anywhere in the United States no matter the location or size of the organization. Our virtual scribes are incredibly effective, undergoing the same rigorous training through the Elite Academy and overall development as our on-site scribe teams, while completing all documentation remotely.

Please feel free to call or message us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our training or services. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service.

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