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Are you interested in gaining experience in the medical field by working as a scribe? If so, you’ll want to look into medical scribe training programs to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a medical scribe. But determining the best program for your situation can be a difficult task. Which ones are flexible enough to fit into your schedule? Which ones provide training in the medical field you’re interested in? Which ones will provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you will need to be a successful medical scribe? You may find yourself asking these questions and more, but don’t worry, Elite Medical Scribes is here to answer them all.

Elite Medical Scribes offers a self-standing training program that meets all of your needs as a prospective scribe: The Elite Academy. The Elite Academy is the industry’s leading online medical scribe training program. As a trainee, you’ll have access to extensive lectures on human physiology and anatomy, medical terminology, physical examinations, common medications and much more, as well as a massive number of patient scenarios. Once you pay a one-time fee and successfully complete this program, you will be fully certified as a medical documentation specialist and qualified for a wide range of scribing positions.

Feeling uncertain? Then let’s look at a few important considerations you’ll need to make in order to find the best medical scribe training for your unique situation.

1: Find a medical scribe training program that fits your schedule.

When deciding on a medical scribe training program, it’s important to choose one that can accommodate your weekly schedule. Some are incredibly rigid with class scheduling, forcing you into difficult situations where you need to reschedule various personal commitments in order to avoid falling behind on your courses and assessments. This issue is even more significant if you’re already attending school or working a full-time job. To keep your medical scribe training from interfering with the rest of your responsibilities, finding a program with flexible instructors and courses is key.

The Elite Academy hosts a comprehensive suite of online training courses for soon-to-be medical scribes. One of the greatest perks of choosing an online program is that it provides you with the option to decide where you complete your courses. Whether you’re at home, in the library on campus, or at your favorite coffeehouse, you have incredible flexibility with The Elite Academy. While most of the training can be completed at anytime of the day, this program also offers a wide range of potential times (including weekend courses) for you to complete the two instructor-led classes to ensure that the curriculum perfectly adapts to your schedule. Furthermore, all of the instructors were scribes themselves, and they fully understand and appreciate that you have obligations outside of your training, which is why they’ll work with you to establish reasonable and fair expectations and deadlines.

2: Find a scribe program that offers training in your preferred medical specialty.

It’s also critical to choose a medical scribe training program that can tailor itself to fit your unique interests in the field of medicine. Many scribe training programs offer general courses on improving typing speed and comprehension of medical terminology, but only The Elite Academy is sophisticated enough to fit the preferences of each participant. This is particularly problematic if you’re becoming a scribe specifically to gain experience and build a professional network in a particular medical field like cardiology and oncology. The average scribe training program simply cannot provide you with the skills and expertise that these specialties demand.

Elite Medical Scribes prides itself in providing quality scribes that meet the varied needs of each partner and its patients. That’s why The Elite Academy provides customized training and development programs for 13 unique medical specialties. Whether you’re interested in emergency medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, or even ophthalmology, The Elite Academy can provide all the tools you’ll need to excel as a scribe in these exciting fields. When you enter your first scribing position in your preferred specialty, you’ll have an intimate understanding of the terminology, examination techniques, and practices involved, making you an invaluable and appreciated asset to all of your assigned clinicians. This is also an essential step in gaining the trust and respect of the medical experts you’ll meet and connect with over the course of your scribing career.

3: Find a scribe training program that was developed by experts in the field.

Constructing a training program that sufficiently prepares its medical scribes for the duties and challenges of their future careers requires an intimate understanding of the medical field. The Elite Academy was developed by medical scribe professionals, training experts, and experienced physicians to provide its students with comprehensive knowledge of their chosen medical specialties. Simply put, it’s the most advanced medical scribe training program offered today because it was designed by some of the most passionate and practiced individuals in the field of healthcare.

All of The Elite Academy’s professional instructors have extensive real-world scribe experience and focus exclusively on providing you with the practical skills and advice you’ll need to thrive in your scribing career. Our interactive courses facilitate medical note mastery through real-time feedback, animated lectures, and practice patient scenarios specifically tailored to your chosen medical specialty. Concerned or confused about scribing workflows or the responsibilities you’ll face once your training is complete? Reach out to your expert instructors for invaluable counsel and support.

Still not convinced that Elite Medical Scribes is the best choice for you? Here’s a testimonial from one of our many successful graduates.

“Elite Medical Scribes,

Thank you for such an amazing experience. First of all, I love how responsive your instructors are. Their willingness to assist you basically ensures your success in the course. They are cognizant of your demanding schedule and are extremely flexible with you in terms of course load and completion dates. There are many options available to select which classes you attend that are more suitable to your schedule (even offering weekend courses). You can access the material 24/7 from any device (ranging from your desktop computer to your mobile phone) and they provide plenty of practice material to reinforce what you have learned. The quizzes are not structured to trick you. They are straightforward to ensure that you have understood the course material.

At the beginning of the course, they make sure you understand your purpose as a scribe. Their program is structured in such a way that basically guarantees that anyone can become a scribe regardless of your prior medical knowledge. They provide so much material, which enhances and strengthens your medical terminology and anatomy (which are expensive college courses on their own). They believe in you and want to make sure you are prepared for the vocabulary that you will hear as a scribe to ensure consistency and clarity of the medical note for the provider.

Elite Medical Scribes also ensures that you are in compliance with the current medical legislation. Therefore, they teach the most up-to-date information on medical coding, such as ICD-10, so that you are not a hindrance to the provider’s appropriate reimbursement.

I love how interactive the online classes are. The instructors are very thorough in the delivery of the information and give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions. They even have chatrooms where you can privately ask a question if you don’t feel comfortable posting it in front of the entire class. Also, they are even available after the course to explain any topic you were not sure about. Their commitment to student education and understanding is extraordinary and undeniable.

I believe that The Elite Academy creates the type of scribes that any hospital or practice would appreciate and respect. Elite Medical Scribes is definitely a cut above the rest!”

Janelle Spence – Clinical Research Coordinator
Florida Hospital Tampa

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