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Make no mistake, medical scribing is one of the most demanding roles in the field of healthcare. However, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to gain work experience with real practitioners, earn money, and expand your understanding of the medical world. Elite Medical Scribes is passionate about preparing prospective scribes for the duties and challenges they will face over the course of their employment. Today, to teach you more about medical scribes and help you determine whether one of these positions would be a good fit for you, we’ll be walking for a day in the shoes of Sydney Blasczyk, one of our dedicated Assistant Chief Scribes.

The Day Begins

“Oh, I used to sing it, and I used to crank it with the windows down.” These are the lyrics (courtesy of Hunter Hayes) that I wake up to every morning. The most challenging part of my day comes next: deciding which pair of scrubs to put on. My decision is usually based on color scheme, comfort, and whether I already wore this scrub combo this week with today’s provider. I pack my lunch and snacks for the day (which I rarely have time to eat), fill my mug with coffee, and head out the door.

Immediately after getting up to the pink team pod, I exchange “good mornings” with the medical assistants and get caught up on everyone’s weekend. Then it’s into the provider office to put my things away and catch up with my assigned clinician. Signing into EPIC, I brace myself for what the day’s schedule might hold. (Physicals are my favorite… NOT.) It always makes my day a little brighter when I see a patient name that I recognize on the schedule, but I cringe a little when our lunch break is nonexistent or when my provider has four 15-minute appointments in an hour (bear in mind that each of these visits will take at least 30 minutes).

From there, it’s off to the races! We shuffle from one patient to the next, hoping that everyone shows up on time. I sit in the corner quietly and listen tentatively to what the patient is communicating and what the physician’s thought process is. Some patients are baffled by my presence, others completely ignore the fact that I’m sitting there like a court reporter in the background; and on the rare occasion, one will request that I leave the room. Multitasking and listening skills are essential to success as a medical scribe because they allow us to get tasks done efficiently and accurately. There’s some down time between patients to converse with my provider, catch up on the latest workouts, and ask her how her girls are doing. I enjoy the relationship that we share. We have similar interests, and that makes work enjoyable. Developing a relationship with your provider may be awkward at first, but each provider is unique, and connecting with him or her will be easier as you begin to prove yourself as a valuable asset to their team.

Some days as a medical scribe are frantically chaotic, while others go seemingly smooth. You never really know what you’re going to see that day. Some days are more exciting than others. Some days you witness a physician discover a mass or lump that a patient was unaware of, and further tests reveal that it’s cancer. As terrifying as this is, when further workup is complete, diagnosis is made and treatment begins, it’s rewarding to see a patient’s gratitude and appreciation for the care that your physician provides. Simple things truly make a difference. Witnessing these experiences first-hand makes me feel excited about the possibility of one day being a health care provider who has the possibility to better or even save someone’s life.

With that being said, being a scribe has been one of the most educational experiences that I’ve been fortunate enough to have. There is a large amount of medical terminology and information on medication usage that I have learned about (concepts I had no idea about prior to scribing). As a medical scribe for a company like Elite Medical Scribes, you have the ability to work in numerous specialties and expand your medical knowledge and experience. It’s truly rewarding when you feel fluent in EPIC, are confident pending orders, assisting with medical renewals and can effectively formulate an assessment & plan for patient notes. I look forward to returning to my clinic every day with curiosity for my physician’s patients and what might be on the schedule for that day (along with the welcoming interactions of my peers, of course). I recommend becoming a medical scribe to anyone aspiring to be part of the medical community!

Sydney Blasczyk
Assistant Chief Scribe at Fairview Clinics

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