3 Factors to Becoming a Successful Medical Scribe

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Working as a medical scribe can be incredibly challenging. It requires a superb understanding of medical terminology, outstanding typing skills, and the ability to handle the substantial stress and pressure that patient care can entail. Elite Medical Scribes is fully committed to Enhancing the Quality of Patient Care by providing current and prospective medical scribes with all the knowledge, skills, and advice they need to thrive in this role. Today, we’ll be discussing the three key factors to becoming a successful medical scribe.

1. Train with The Elite Academy

If you aren’t qualified to work as a medical scribe yet, then it’s imperative that you enroll in a medical scribe training program that will properly prepare you for this demanding position. However, many of these programs only offer basic training on medical terminology and typing proficiency. If you’re interested in working as a scribe for a specialized field of medical care (such as cardiology, oncology, or psychology), you’ll need to find an advanced training program that allows you to customize your coursework around that specific discipline.

Elite Medical Scribes offers the most sophisticated medical scribe training curriculum in the industry: The Elite Academy. Its courses cover every aspect of becoming a successful medical scribe, including human physiology, human anatomy, medical terminology, specialty clinical workflows, electronic medical record systems, chart documentation, medical coding and billing, and compliance policies. Additionally, The Elite Academy contains an extensive library of patient scenarios to prepare trainees for specific challenges they may face as medical scribes. Best of all, our comprehensive suite of online medical scribe training courses can be tailored for 13 different medical specialties, allowing you to pursue scribing careers in the field of medicine that you are most passionate about.

All Elite trainees are given customized one-on-one instruction from one of our Medical Scribe Training Managers and consistently receive feedback that swiftly develops scribing skills and confidence. The Elite Academy also utilizes our advanced online note creation software, EliteSoft™. This incredible technology makes it possible for all medical scribe trainees to receive real-time feedback on their charting and documentation notes to foster progress and comprehension. It also provides participants with access to interactive virtual classrooms, which creates the ideal learning experience.

Most importantly, all of The Elite Academy’s instructors are healthcare experts who have significant real-world scribe experience. These professional trainers have an intimate understanding of the unique obstacles and challenges that medical scribing presents, which allows them to arm students with all of the knowledge needed to excel in this difficult role. Our instructors are cognizant of your demanding schedule and are very flexible in terms of course load and completion dates. They also design quizzes and assessments that are fair and straightforward and are more than willing to give feedback and guidance if you need additional assistance. Last but not least, all of The Elite Academy courses can be accessed 24/7 from any device, which gives you the freedom to structure your studies between other obligations.

Once you graduate from The Elite Academy, you will participate in Elite’s onsite training. During these advanced sessions, you will observe and follow an experienced Medical Scribe Trainer during several scribing shifts with real clinicians. As your onsite training progresses, you will gain the knowledge and experience you will need to be capable of flawless documentation throughout an entire scribing shift under limited supervision. From there, you will be welcomed into the Elite family as a fully trained medical scribe. Simply put, completing The Elite Academy and Elite’s onsite training will provide you with all of the experience, expertise, and self-confidence needed to find resounding success as a medical scribe.

2. Network with other professionals in the healthcare industry.

Professional networking is a core component to finding success in any profession. It opens up opportunities to receive career advice, acquire invaluable mentors, and gain an edge over other candidates when applying for new positions. Fortunately, working as a medical scribe provides you with natural opportunities to expand and strengthen your professional network. After all, medical scribes work extensively with an experienced clinician throughout each shift. If you can form strong relationships with your assigned medical specialists by displaying skill, dedication, and passion towards your work, they will be incredible sources of advice and counsel (especially if they worked as medical scribes earlier on in their careers). Furthermore, these experts are all connected to a huge network of fellow healthcare professionals, so even if they can’t help you with advancing your career or meeting a professional goal, they may be able to introduce you to someone who can.

Bear in mind that you can’t force these connections with your clinicians. Coming on too strong or being too eager to bond with your assigned healthcare provider may cause them to pull away. You’ll quickly learn when it’s appropriate to chat with your clinician and when you need to focus on your work. As a general rule of thumb, keep things strictly professional whenever a patient is present. You can use moments between patient interactions and during lunch breaks to strike up small talk or casual conversation with your clinician. Over time, you’ll grow more comfortable with asking serious career questions. Work hard, be yourself, and don’t be discouraged if the medical expert you’re working with doesn’t respond to your attempts to connect. Remember, your clinician is extremely busy, which is why you are there to help in the first place.

A sizeable professional network of clinicians will be an incredible boon if you’re considering further education (like medical school) after your time as a medical scribe ends. Your application will shine above most others if you submit letters of recommendation from respected clinicians who you’ve personally worked with. As long as you prove your worth and remain respectful, most clinicians will be happy to help you advance your professional career with a simple letter. Just be sure to ask them in person if possible.

3. Work with a scribe employer that supports your development through continuous training and professional opportunities.

The medical field is inexorably shifting and advancing, which can result in significant alterations to the technology, practices, and legislation regarding medical scribes. Scribes who fail to keep pace with these ever-changing rules and regulations will soon find themselves becoming a hindrance to their clinicians. Consequently, you will need to participate in regular training and stay updated on all medical coding techniques to ensure your continued success as a scribe.

At Elite Medical Scribes, we pride ourselves in employing scribes that surpass all state and federal compliance requirements. That’s why each medical scribe that Elite hires participates in extensive annual HIPAA and compliance training sessions. Also, all Elite medical scribes undergo regular reviews and assessments on their scribing abilities and complete numerous continuing education programs to guarantee optimum performance. Ultimately, this results in superior medical scribe teams that surpass partner expectations, impress assigned clinicians, and significantly impact the quality of healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Unlike many medical scribe services, Elite provides a wide variety of professional opportunities for its past and present team members. Firstly, we’ve created two scholarships for Elite scribes who are interested in attending graduate school to become a healthcare provider themselves. The Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship is awarded to current or former Elite scribes who are accepted into healthcare graduate programs, and The Neil D. Okeson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to current team members who are working hard to pursue careers as healthcare providers. These revered awards are our small way of giving back to the superb Elite scribes we employ.

Note: Elite Medical Scribes is also willing to write letters of recommendation for its team members. In fact, many past Elite scribes have taken advantage of this perk when applying to medical schools!

Additionally, Elite Medical Scribes offers advancement opportunities for their medical scribes. A large portion of Elite scribes advance from basic scribing positions to roles as trainers or Chief Scribes. As a trainer, you’ll travel to various partner locations across the U.S. in order to train and develop fresh Elite scribe teams. And the best part is that all of your travel expenses are covered by Elite! If you would rather stay close to home, your can advance to a Chief Scribe or Chief Scribe Assistant. As a Chief Scribe, you will be responsible for the day-to-day success of one specific Elite site, managing its scribe team to optimize their performance for clinicians. These fantastic positions can provide you with additional networking opportunities, leadership skills, and further mastery of the scribing profession.

Become an Elite Medical Scribe Today!

Now that you understand the most important aspects of becoming a successful medical scribe, it’s time to take the next step in your professional career. If you are interested in receiving unparalleled medical scribe training, then visit our Elite Academy page for more information. If you are ready to take that first step to becoming an Elite medical scribe, then explore some of our open Elite scribe positions.

Finally, if you have any questions about Elite Medical Scribes, The Elite Academy, or just want more advice on how to succeed as a medical scribe, then call or message us today. We’re here to assist you in any way possible.

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