10 Reasons You Should Become a Medical Scribe

With physician turnover rates at record highs, can medical scribes be one factor that drives them back down?

Medical scribes are highly trained individuals who assist healthcare providers throughout patient encounters by managing the responsibilities of medical documentation. By removing the burden and distraction of electronic health record (EHR) conversions and ongoing utilization, clinicians are allowed to channel more time and focus on the most important aspect of their jobs: patient care. Here at Elite Medical Scribes, our number one priority is to improve patient and clinician satisfaction by introducing driven and passionate individuals to medical scribing. Today, we’ll be discussing ten reasons why becoming a medical scribe is a superb decision for those interested in the field of healthcare.

1. It will help you determine whether you want to work as a clinician in the future.

No amount of coursework or research can prepare you for what it’s like to work in a hospital or clinic. In order to properly assess whether a career in patient care is a good fit for you, you’ll need to understand what the day-to-day workflow of a clinician looks like in a real medical environment first. If you become a medical scribe, you will work side by side with clinicians each and every day. As you assist them throughout the duration of their shifts, you will see firsthand how these healthcare experts manage and cope with the various responsibilities and challenges of their role. Simply put, medical scribing is one of the best ways to dip your feet into the medical industry and gain a better understanding of what the work life of a clinician encompasses and demands.

2. You will connect with several healthcare professionals.

Building a professional network is an essential step in advancing your medical career. In many cases, a strong resume and outstanding grades simply aren’t enough to outshine other strong candidates. If you want to stand out in the fiercely competitive world of healthcare, you’ll need to connect with practicing doctors and other professionals in the industry. One of the key advantages of becoming a medical scribe is that it affords you endless opportunities to work and form relationships with clinicians. Once you’ve developed a solid connection with your assigned clinician and demonstrate your uncompromising passion for patient care, they will be more than willing to give you career advice and personally recommend you for internships and other professional opportunities. And, even if they can’t help you to find a job in your area of interest, they may be able to connect you with other practitioners who can.

3. It will enhance your medical vocabulary.

One of the most challenging aspects of medical scribing is that it requires a deep understanding of medical terminology. After all, scribes need to keep pace with the advanced and specialized phrases and terms that their clinicians use when filling out EHRs. Familiarity with medical language will be incredibly useful during the entirety of your career in patient care, including the exams and assessments you will need to complete if you choose to pursue additional education through medical school. Once you’ve worked as a medical scribe, you will have a comprehensive understanding of basic and specialized medical terminology, a skill that will serve you well regardless of which healthcare profession you choose.

4. It’s a great way to earn letters of recommendation.

Every single year, thousands of highly qualified medical students are being trained into the industry. If you neglect to bolster your application with letters of recommendation, it’s highly unlikely that you will be chosen. Fortunately, the medical experts you meet and bond with over the course of your employment as a medical scribe will be perfect sources for these endorsements. Just imagine how impressive your application will look if it features recommendations and words of praise from practicing clinicians that you’ve worked with personally! Last but not least, Elite Medical Scribes is happy to write letters of recommendation for our Elite team members. In fact, many of our former scribes have taken advantage of this perk as they pursued continued education.

5. You will be paid for gaining medical experience.

A majority of medical students struggle with the process of balancing their time between earning money, gaining professional experience, and learning about medicine. Believe it or not, medical scribing can allow you to do all three at once! As an Elite scribe, you will be paid fair wages to work alongside clinicians during their shifts, expanding your understanding of patient care and boosting the quality of your resume in the process. These additional funds can go a long way in paying off student debt, saving up for medical school, or taking care of everyday living expense.

6. It will make you eligible for scholarships.

Elite Medical Scribes takes pride in supporting the medical careers of our scribes and corporate team members. Many of our Elite scribes have aspirations to attend medical school or a healthcare graduate program to gain the knowledge and expertise required to work as clinicians. That’s why we offer scholarship opportunities for our current and former team members, including The Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship Program and The Neil D. Okeson Memorial Scholarship. These prestigious awards are given to Elite medical scribes who exhibit integrity, hard work, tenacity, and commitment to their work.

7. There are opportunities for career advancement.

Elite Medical Scribes continuously provides training and advancement opportunities for our medical scribes. Many of our employees go on to become Assistant Chief Scribes, Chief Scribes, or trainers. Here’s a quick description of each role:

  • As an Assistant Chief Scribe or Chief Scribe, you will be responsible for ensuring the day-to-day success of a specific site. Many of our most successful scribes grow into these roles once they’ve developed the skills and professional relationships needed to manage their site effectively.
  • As an Elite trainer, you will travel to different sites across the country in order to provide high-quality training and development for our scribes to optimize their delivery of healthcare services. You will also work with providers to teach them how to effectively utilize their Elite scribes, strengthening your professional network in the process.

Both of these challenging and rewarding positions require previous scribing experience and extensive knowledge of the latest technology used to document patient encounters, making them excellent career choices for veteran scribes who are ready for additional responsibilities and a higher salary.

8. It will teach you a great deal about medical documentation.

During your time as a medical scribe, you will learn all about the most effective ways to quickly and accurately complete EHRs. You’ll also be introduced to specialty clinical workflows, medical coding and billing practices, and compliance policies. Understanding all of these components of proper medical documentation will be invaluable when you begin to work as a clinician and become responsible for filling out the electronic charts of your patients.

9. It will teach you how medical experts work as a team.

Providing unparalleled medical care requires an efficient and disciplined team of healthcare experts. As a medical scribe, you will see the entire process of treatment from beginning to end, learning how nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and even medical scribes all play a pivotal role in supporting patients and ensuring that their medical information is quickly and accurately updated for use in future operations and evaluations.

10. Patients across the nation need your help.

Those with the passion and willpower to overcome the challenges of medical scribing find it to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying professional roles they take on in their careers. Why? Because medical scribes make a significant and demonstrable difference in the lives of patients. Studies have also proven that medical scribes boost the efficiency and job satisfaction of their clinicians, allowing them to see more patients and deliver more effective treatment. Consequently, joining a medical scribe program is a phenomenal decision if you want to contribute to the betterment of patient care and physician morale at the onset of your medical career.

How Do I Become a Medical Scribe?

Now that you understand some of the incredible benefits of becoming a medical scribe, you may be interested working for a medical scribe company that partners with hospitals and clinics in your local area. Elite Medical Scribes is the nation’s preeminent provider of medical scribes for healthcare systems, physician groups, and independent practices. We work with some of the most respected and prestigious healthcare organizations in the country to affect positive changes in patient care. We also use advanced technology and training programs (including our renowned Elite Academy) to ensure that our scribe trainees excel in their work and stay updated on the latest industry trends and practices.

If you are interested in becoming an Elite medical scribe, then be sure to look through our current list of scribe positions. We offer hundreds of scribing jobs for hospitals and clinics across the nation. Finally, if you have any questions about our organization or would like more information on medical scribing, then call or message us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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