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Elite Medical Scribes Blog

3 Factors to Becoming a Successful Medical Scribe

Working as a medical scribe can be incredibly challenging. It requires a superb understanding of medical terminology, outstanding typing skills, and the ability to handle the substantial stress and pressure that patient care can entail. Elite Medical Scribes is fully committed to Enhancing the Quality of Patient Care by providing current and prospective medical scribes with all the knowledge, skills, and advice they need to thrive in this role. Today, we’ll be discussing the three key factors to becoming a successful medical scribe.


1. Train with The Elite Academy

If you aren’t qualified to work as a medical scribe yet, then ...

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Op-ed Articles

physician burden, medical scribe
Michigan Will Experience Physician Shortage Over Next Decade
The passage of the Affordable Care Act led to predictions of physician shortages all across the country, but many questions remained to be answered. Now that the health care industry has had time to take stock of all these changes, it can determine whether some of the initial warnings were...
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physician and patient
Study: Diagnostic errors still a problem in health care
Hospitals have been seeking to cut back costs in a variety of ways. The Affordable Care Act puts an emphasis on quality care, leading many providers to adopt metrics that will improve service and reduce costly readmissions. However, a particular focus must be placed on diagnostic errors, b...
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