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The Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship Program
Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship, medical school scholarship, medical school tuition

Dr. Edward Wegrzynowicz was committed to the teaching and development of all future medical professionals. In his memory, Elite Medical Scribes has established a scholarship program to support our team of medical scribes.

The Dr. Edward Wegrzynowicz Memorial Scholarship was created to celebrate and pay respect to the more than 30 years of dedicated service he gave to the medical profession. This scholarship supports the education of medical professionals who demonstrate a similar character and disposition to Dr. Wegrzynowicz.

Dr. Ed – as he was affectionately known to his patients – was a respected anesthesiologist and critical care physician. He was a generous and giving person. It is in this same spirit that Elite Medical Scribes selects the annual recipients of this prestigious award. The scholarship, awarded to students accepted into healthcare graduate programs (medical school, PA school, etc.), is both needs-based and merit-based. Qualified applicants for the scholarship must be current or former team members.

How to Apply
Brittany Jensen
The 2016 Winner of the Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship was Brittany Jensen of Antigo, WI
As Chief Medical Scribe, I was not only responsible for the task of completing medical notes for providers, but I was also responsible for numerous managerial tasks through which I have learned how to be an effective leader. I have learned to not only lead by example, but also to be available for my team whenever an issue may arise. I whole-heartedly believe good communication is not just being able to effectively transmit information, but also being a good listener. I have been able to gain the trust of all of my team members, while still maintaining a professional relationship. As a result, my team and I are able to provide the best services possible to the providers that we worked with, and we embody Elite’s mission statement of “Enhancing the Quality of Patient Care.”
Brittany Jensen
Antigo, WI
Taylor Buuck
The 2016 Winner of the Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship was Taylor Buuck of Hillsboro, OR
Working as an Elite medical scribe, I have been afforded intimate insight into the daily life of a physician. Accompanying the doctor into each patient encounter, I have witnessed firsthand triumphs and frustrations for both patient and physician alike, providing me a unique view of the profession I will soon join. My vantage point as a scribe has illustrated to me that a physician wears many hats, not limited to medicine alone. Patients rely on their physician not only as a healer, but also as a counselor, teacher, and mentor. They trust that the person in the white coat has their best interests at heart and will do whatever possible to not only make them healthy, but keep them that way.
Taylor Buuck
Hillsboro, OR
Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship Winner, Quinn Nix
The 2015 Winner of the Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship was Quinn Nix of Greenville, SC
I determined early in my college education that I wanted to take a gap year before attending medical school. I was searching for a position that would allow me the ability to continue my education while also opening my eyes to new opportunities. Working for Elite Medical Scribes far exceeded what I was searching for and prepared me for a life-long career in medicine. The ability to experience medicine is one that so few positions offer, and one that I simply could not pass up. I accepted a position as a medical scribe while I was still an undergraduate because of the possibilities that it held.
I was able to see how the hospital setting is configured while also working directly with department chairs, resulting in personal growth as a future medical professional, as a more well-rounded individual, and a better understand the intricacies of such complex systems. Working with Elite Medical Scribes has been one of the most crucial steps in my young medical career that simply cannot be replaced.
Quinn Nix
Greenville, SC
Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship Winner, Johnny Hoang
The 2015 Winner of the Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship was Johnny Hoang of San Jose, CA
After graduating college, I sought to find meaningful clinical experiences before medical school. I found that opportunity with Elite Medical Scribes. Working alongside many physicians in the emergency department helped me discover an aspect I love about medicine: being a healthcare professional means being a lifelong learner. I enjoyed how every day was different, and there was always something new to learn.
Being a scribe gave me the opportunity to be a part of an inter-professional team where each member has a specific role but the same goal: to provide quality care for patients. I was able to practice being a team member, a characteristic I found to be an important quality in the field of medicine. The experiences I have gained as a scribe during my time with Elite Medical Scribes helped me prepare for medical school and my future as a healthcare professional.
Johnny Hoang
San Jose, CA
2014 Scholarship Winner
The 2014 Winner of the Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship was Paul Guzik of Des Moines, IA
Elite Medical Scribes is a unique and innovative scribe company as the leadership challenges you from Day 1 to better yourself as a future healthcare professional. As a current medical school student, I can honestly say that working for EMS was one of my best decisions I made in preparing for the clinically relevant situations I have had to adapt to as a student. I came into school with a vast amount of basic medical knowledge as well as critical experience working with other healthcare professionals. EMS emphasizes quality of patient care in every aspect of the company which a vital component of medical practice. I could not have been happier with my decision to become an Elite Medical scribe.
Paul Guzik
Des Moines, IA
Dr. Ed Memorial Scholarship, Medical School Scholarship
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