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Elite Medical Scribes specializes in Emergency and Clinical medicine. With us you have the option to establish a new scribe program or enhance a current one. Through many years of experience in the medical field, we have carefully designed and refined our programs from old and outdated models. Our medical and business professionals will work with you to customize your program to suit your facility's individual needs. From large to small, we've got you covered.

One of the components that has always differentiated Elite is its superior training program leading to the highest quality scribe services. Our program incorporates four distinct levels of training, each building on the previous. The first level of Elite’s Integrative Training Program is Virtual Instruction. During this phase, scribes are introduced to the concepts in medicine, documentation, and healthcare billing and coding. The courses are hosted utilizing a dynamic online course management system. The scribes complete comprehensive quizzes at the end of each lecture and participate in highly interactive live webinars hosted by Elite experienced scribe trainers.

Once the Virtual Instruction phase is complete, the scribes move on to an On-Site Training conducted by Elite trainers. Each new trainee will go through an extensive one-on-one training covering documentation (HPI, ROS, physical exam, workup findings, impressions and plans), scribe workflow and billing and coding nuances. Each trainee takes a comprehensive final exam and is evaluated on the scribe training objectives. Upon successful completion, the trainee receives scribe certification.

At Elite we believe in continuous learning and improvement, and therefore, all Elite scribes go through Advanced Billing and Coding training taught by our Medical Director. In addition, we conduct monthly training sessions on Advanced Medical Topics based on common chief complaints evaluated in your facility (ranging from chest pain, abdominal pain, trauma, pediatrics to neurologic problems, toxicology and more).

As a result, Elite's rigorous training program ensures great performance by each and every scribe, ultimately resulting in the highest quality scribe services delivered to our client providers.

Industry-leading Innovations

Elite Medical Scribes offers unique innovations that are exclusive to our practice. These include our experience-refined four-tier training system, our regular updates that keep our program on the leading edge of medical legislation and knowledge, our certification examinations which ensure the highest quality trained scribes, and our comprehensive quality assurance program to guarantee scribe performance and growth. We at Elite Medical Scribes strive for accuracy, efficiency, ease-of-work, and enhanced patient care.

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