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For students who are aspiring to become physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, few experiences are more valuable than serving as a medical scribe. Being a medical scribe provides hands-on exposure in a clinical setting, allowing the students to start their career in the medical industry. Working alongside seasoned physicians and medical practitioners can offer pre-med students and recent graduates a unique perspective into the daily responsibilities and challenges they can expect to experience in their future careers.

However, there’s a distinct difference between watching others provide care and playing an active role. With a job as a medical scribe, students gain valuable clinical experience and make a positive contribution to the day-to-day operations of a medical facility.

Scribes free physicians from medical documentation responsibilities, allowing them more time to interact with their patients in a meaningful way.

As the country's leading provider of medical scribes to physician groups, hospitals, and clinics, Elite Medical Scribes is the connection medical students need to gain a valuable healthcare experience.

Why medical scribe is one of the best jobs for pre-med students

By submitting an application to Elite Medical Scribes and successfully moving through the scribe selection process, undergraduates or recent college graduates who are looking for healthcare jobs gain an opportunity to work in one of industry's most intriguing and demanding roles. Practitioners around the country depend on scribes to keep thorough medical notes and help them with various administrative duties.

Medical scribes develop important professional relationships with physicians in a variety of fields -- an important aspect for students who wish to cultivate networking opportunities in the medical industry. Similarly, scribes gain knowledge taking comprehensive medical notes while working with a diverse array of medical technology, building valuable experience to add to any resume.

Most of all, scribes learn the general routines of clinical work and obtain first-hand look at patient treatment practices. With this experience under their belt, pre-medical students who have worked as scribes are better prepared for the road ahead.

The scribe experience is very valuable during the medical school application process, as a number of schools have begun using multiple mini interviews (MMIs) - exercises that test applicants' social and interpersonal skills and their ability to communicate effectively, in addition to how well they think on their feet. Studies have shown that communication issues in hospitals are one of the leading causes of medical errors, with nearly 100,000 deaths attributed to them each year. MMIs asses critical traits that might not be apparent from an applicant's resume or initial interview. It's through the first-hand observation opportunities scribe programs provide that students are able to refine these abilities.

How our scribe program trains applicants on medical documentation

At Elite Medical Scribes, we conduct a rigorous training regimen designed to prepare applicants for demanding work in emergency rooms, hospitals, and clinics. Candidates who apply for a scribe position must adhere to the following qualifications:

  • Ability to multi-task with attention to detail
  • Ability to make one-year commitment full-time or two years part-time
  • Aspirations to become a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Currently enrolled in BA/BS program or recent college graduate
  • Excellent English language skills
  • High proficiency in typing and computer operation
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

Once enrolled in our scribe training program, students learn best practices for medical documentation and are prepared for an exciting career in scribing. Our successful applicants are placed in key scribe roles with opportunities for further advancement and growth within our company.

Students who have been through the Elite Medical Scribes program say they are able to better understand medical terminology and the steps that are involved with diagnostic and treatment procedures. They also improve their confidence and level of comfort interacting with physicians and other staff.

Why Elite Medical Scribes is a trusted partner to medical providers around the country

Working with Elite Medical Scribes offers pre-medical students a leg up in their career goals. We are a leading provider of medical scribe services to healthcare facilities nationwide, and our services are vital for improving the patient experience, while increasing doctor productivity and benefiting physician satisfaction.

Apply today to learn how Elite Medical Scribes can put you on the track to one of the best jobs for pre-med students available in today's market!

Scribe Testimonials

“Scribing has allowed me to see what medicine is really like behind the scenes. It’s helped me to realize what I do and don’t like even before getting into medical school. I have learned so much more about medicine through being a scribe than I ever could have by simply volunteering. I’ve learned how to interact well with patients, what types of questions to ask, what types of labs to order, et cetera. When residents come to do their ED rotations, sometimes I tell them what types of questions to ask because they (the residents) don’t know! It’s difficult to name just one thing because there are so many fantastic experiences, from the people you get to meet, the fast-paced environment, to learning what to expect with different chief complaints, there’s never a dull moment and always something else to learn.”

Lindsay Stevenson
Chief Medical Scribe at Columbia St. Mary’s Milwaukee Emergency Department
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; Biochemistry

“Scribing has given me the experience I need to strengthen my application to medical school, providing me with direct insight into the decision making of physicians, developing critical thinking and communication skills, and building relationships with hospital staff, all of which have ultimately verified my vocation to become a doctor. As a scribe, I learned to be a master workflow manager. Scribing requires multi-tasking and being on high alert at all times. Even more than that, it has given me clinical insight into medical decisions, which will allow me to be a step above my fellow medical students one day. The best thing about scribing is the continual education you will receive. Even after 1.5 years of scribing, I still write down new terms or diagnoses to learn from a given shift to take home with me and study. Physicians are eager to share their knowledge, and there is always something to learn.”

Allie Wolf
Project Manager
Marquette University, Biomedical Sciences