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I need a scribe

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What is a Scribe?

Our highly trained medical scribes work alongside providers in emergency medicine, inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as remotely – performing accurate, real-time documentation and, managing numerous other tasks.

The primary function of a scribe is the creation and maintenance of a patient’s medical record (done under supervision of the healthcare provider). Scribes document a patient’s history, physical examination, interactions with the provider, procedures, lab results, consultations, and other vital information.

Why Elite Medical Scribes?

Quality and results.  Elite Medical Scribes is the organization of choice for many world-renowned healthcare groups, hospitals, clinics, medical practices and teaching institutions. We are known for driving results with our customized workflow solutions, optimized scribe training, comprehensive quality assurance program, innovative technology and, superior customer service.

Who does Elite Medical Scribes recruit?

We receive thousands of applications from University Juniors, Seniors and recent graduates, in addition to individuals that have completed a 2-year associate degree. Our proprietary software algorithm helps us sort through these applications to find the highest qualified, motivated, detail-oriented, and personable individuals who are interested in furthering their healthcare career.

Are there minimal qualifications for scribes?

Yes, in addition to the minimal education requirements listed above, we insist on applicants having an above-average cumulative GPA, fast and accurate typing skills,  demonstrable computer competency, and superior grammar and spelling skills.

Is there a minimum employment period?

We invest a considerable amount of time and resources into the education, training and development of each individual we employ.  We do not impose mandatory minimal employment terms, however preference may be given to those applicants who are able to commit to longer periods of employment.

How does Elite select and train their trainers?

Every Elite trainer must demonstrate significant experience as a medical scribe before they are eligible to become a trainer.  Our trainers must complete numerous educational courses in related scribe/medical education and adult training methods prior to being certified as an Elite scribe trainer.

How long does it take to get a scribe?

Every program is uniquely developed based upon the individual needs of the provider(s), specialty and location, and as such timing may vary.  For new programs, our client development team will be able to provide a better estimate for your location.  For existing programs, scribe staffing timeline requests should be made through our Quality Assurance department.  There is no ‘average’ set up time, but it can vary between two and twelve weeks.

How do you measure performance?

Our Quality Assurance Department measures the performance of each scribe at every location utilizing a rigorous review process that is supported by our sophisticated IT infrastructure.  This ensures an accurate and dynamic analysis of various performance metrics for all scribes, their documentation, and work ethic.  In addition, every provider is invited to submit regular reviews, the content of which drive detailed performance improvement plans.

With which organizations do you work?

Elite Medical Scribes works with a number of organizations across the country in more than 20 different specialties, including Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Children’s National Health System, Fairview Health Services and Wheaton-Franciscan Healthcare to name just a few. We are very proud to have been selected to provide services at some of the country’s most prestigious teaching institutions such as the University of Minnesota, University of Massachusetts, and the Ohio State University.

What medical specialties do you cover?

We are the nation’s leader in providing scribe services to specialties, and currently manage programs in more than 20 different settings.  Our expertise continues to grow and we regularly add new specialties, and cater to the very unique requirements of each.

Can scribes assist with order entry?

This is dependent upon the accreditation of each hospital or clinic.  Our Compliance Director is available to address the viability of this service based on  your location’s unique attributes.

What is the patient’s perception of a scribe?

Our research and experience have shown that patients appreciate the addition of scribes to the medical staff, as it enables their provider to devote their full attention to them rather than focusing on administrative duties.

Elite has a number of resources to help patients understand the benefits associated with the use of scribes.

How can a scribe benefit providers?

Very simply stated… Workflow and Efficiency.  With a scribe, a provider’s efficiency increases due to the reduced hindrance of documentation, as well as the support provided by the scribe in preparation for, and during patient encounters.

Reimbursement: In addition to medical documentation, scribes are trained extensively on billing and coding requirements to ensure that your charts are reimbursed at the correct level.  With our scribes’ thorough attention to billing requirements, we have found that physician’s reimbursement often increases due to decrease and elimination of down-coded charts.  In addition, providers who utilize a scribe’s services are able to see more patients per hour.

Satisfaction: Clinicians and other health care providers choose this profession due to a desire to work with patients, and provide meaningful care – not to spend hours documenting and doing other paperwork.  The introduction of scribes allows the attention of the provider to be set exclusively on patients.

Who makes an ‘ideal’ scribe candidate?

We have many successful team members from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. However, we have found that individuals who are on a “pre-healthcare professional track”, in addition to hard science majors enjoy particular success as medical scribes.

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