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What is a Scribe?

A scribe is a highly trained individual in medical documentation, who assists healthcare providers throughout a patient encounter.  Scribes eliminate both the burden and distraction of EMRs, leaving providers free to completely focus on patient care.

Why Elite Medical Scribes?

Elite Medical Scribes is the nation’s leading source of highest quality scribe program management.  Many world-renowned healthcare groups, hospitals, clinics, medical practices and teaching institutions choose Elite for our customized workflow solutions, optimized scribe training, comprehensive Quality Assurance program, innovative technology and, superior customer service.

Who does Elite recruit for its scribe programs?

Pre-med students have proven to be the most successful candidates for our scribe programs, and those interested in pursuing a career in health care.  We employ driven and dedicated individuals that meet each of our qualification criteria.

We receive thousands of applications from University Juniors, Seniors and recent graduates, in addition to individuals that have completed a 2-year associate degree.  We employ the use of a proprietary software algorithm to sort through these applications to find the most qualified, motivated, detail-oriented individuals.

Is there a minimum employment period for Elite scribes?

We invest a considerable amount of time and resources into the education, training and development of each individual we employ.  We do not impose mandatory minimal employment terms, however preference may be given to those applicants who are able to commit to longer periods of employment.

How long will it take to get a scribe at my location?

Every program is developed based upon the  unique requirements of the provider(s), specialty and location, and as set-up times will vary.  Our Operations and Implementations team work with every client to establish timelines for new program set-up.

To increase the size of an existing scribe team requests should be made through our Quality Assurance department.

How do you measure performance?

Our Quality Assurance team measures the performance of each scribe at every location utilizing a rigorous review process that is supported by our IT infrastructure.  This ensures an accurate and dynamic analysis of various performance metrics for all scribes, their documentation, and work ethic.  In addition, every provider is invited to submit regular reviews, the content of which drive detailed performance improvement plans.

What medical specialties do you cover?

We are the nation’s leader in providing scribe services to specialties, and currently manage programs in more than 20 different settings.  Our expertise continues to grow and we regularly add new specialties, and cater to the very unique requirements of each.

Can medical scribes assist with order entry (CPOE)?

This is dependent upon the accreditation of each hospital or clinic.  Our Compliance Director is available to address the viability of this service based on  your location’s unique attributes.

What is the patient’s perception of a scribe?

Our experience and research have shown that patients appreciate the addition of scribes to the medical staff, as it enables their provider to devote their full attention to them rather than focusing on administrative duties.

Elite has a number of resources to help patients understand the benefits associated with the use of scribes.

How can a scribe benefit providers?

Our programs positively impact workflow, efficiency, and productivity.  Elite scribes will complete a number of tasks on behalf of providers, including significantly reduce the burden of documentation.

As a result improvements and increases can be seen in a number of areas including:

  • Increased patient throughput
  • More accurate documentation leading to optimized charge capture
  • Greater compliance with core measure documentation
  • Reduced medical errors and risk of litigation
  • Reduced number of patients who leave AMA or before receiving medical treatment
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