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"Scribe services have made a significant improvement in our team’s workflow, and have increased my effectiveness and efficiency in the clinic."
Eric Khetia, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Summit Orthopedics
"Having a scribe by my side has allowed me to keep up with my busy practice during the day and gave me back two to three hours per night of family time that I otherwise spent typing or dictating. I could not imagine running my practice the way I do without a scribe!"
Mark Bradley, DO
Family Physician
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
"Working with scribes definitely makes physician workflow more efficient. It allows us to have better interactions with the patients and their families. It also gives us more time to address all of the patient's medical concerns and issues, without having to be documenting at the same time. Elite scribes are efficient, thorough, and have been able to adapt easily to the needs of the nephrology department which has been a huge help."
Ashton Chen, DO
Pediatric Nephrology
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
"From initiating the process, hiring and training the scribes and throughout our relationship, Elite Medical Scribes has provided quality coordination of our scribe program. It has made an immense and immediate impact on the efficiency of our doctors. More importantly, patients and doctors both love it! Having scribes is proving to be the holy grail of improved patient satisfaction, improved reimbursement and improved doctor efficiency and satisfaction."
Christopher Ott, MD
Medical Director
Mayo Clinic Health System
"We really appreciate the process and are thrilled with the results. Every doctor’s office should have scribes!"
Luann Street
Practice Manager
Blue Ridge Pain Management
"Having a scribe from Elite Medical Scribes was a lifesaver for me. Over the past few months our group expanded to a new site. In the transition I worked nearly double my usual contract hours. I could never have taken on the extra hours without scribes’ help."
David McCollum, MD
Ridgeview Medical Center
"Well, I'm sold on scribes. I'll never go back to working without one again. It's a great service you provide. I saw 40 patients last night, and I tried to cram as many as I could in while the scribe was here. It was so nice having all my charting done at 7:00 this morning when I was off."
Paul Culler, MD
Medical Director
Blanchard Valley Hospital
"I have increased my productivity by almost 20 percent while working with scribes. I find myself in a better mood and I feel this translates into a more satisfying patient encounter."
Fred Tzystuck, MD
St. Mary's Medical Center
"The scribes have created a positive work environment for the department. The physicians uniformly enjoy their presence. They are extremely helpful in organization, and do an excellent job in documentation. The scribes are motivated, bright and eager to help whenever needed."
Timothy Daly, MD
Medical Director
St. Mary's Medical Center
"Partnering up with Elite Medical Scribes was the easiest way to get our scribe program up and running. Having scribes has changed our group. Elite’s follow up care and attention to details has been as impressive as the start-up."
Mathew Greenston, MD
Vice-President, Granite State Emergency Physicians
Catholic Medical Center
"Elite Medical Scribes has been a great asset to our ER physicians. Although most of us were very skeptical of using scribes, we have quickly realized the benefit. Elite Medical Scribes has done an outstanding job. The integration was seamless, training was thorough, scribes are very reliable, and they adapt to all of ours needs. Using scribes has increased our clinical efficiency, accuracy of charting, and allows us to spend more time with patients. We save countless hours on chart completion. Now that we have begun to use scribes, we will never go back!"
Meenesh Bhimani, MD
Medical Director
O'Connor Hospital
"Elite Medical Scribes has delivered top quality service through recruitment of highly qualified scribes, providing them with extensive, customized training. This in turn is leading to increased physician efficiency and improved patient satisfaction. Elite delivers impressive and comprehensive program management with superior customer service."
Steve T. Broughton
Chief Operating Officer
Premier Physician Services
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