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Passionate in our pursuit of supporting better healthcare outcomes.

In 2008, Elite Medical Scribes identified an opportunity to affect positive change in patient care by delivering uncompromising service to healthcare providers through a dedicated approach to scribe program quality.

Driven by the desire to make a difference and enhance the quality of patient care, Elite’s guiding principles continue to focus on successfully impacting provider productivity, profitability, and efficiency, as well as improving patient and provider satisfaction.

The executive leadership includes Yuriy Vasylenko, MBA, Marcin J. Kubiak, MBA, and Cody W. Wendlandt, MD. Their combined healthcare and business backgrounds guide the company’s mission: To Enhance the Quality of Patient Care through industry-leading scribe program management solutions, including the use of proprietary cutting-edge technology, specifically designed to support our service delivery in hospitals, specialty clinics and emergency departments throughout the United States.

With the company’s roots firmly planted in Bloomington, Minn., Elite Medical Scribes has now expanded across the country with regional offices reaching from Massachusetts to California and Illinois to Texas.

We pride ourselves on being the scribe provider of choice for many nationally-recognized healthcare organizations such as the Mayo Clinic Health System, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center, HealthPartners, Infinity HealthCare,  Houston Methodist Hospital, Wheaton-Franciscan Healthcare and many, many others.  In recent years, we have emerged as the trusted partner for many of the country’s most prestigious teaching institutions, including the University of Minnesota, University of Massachusetts, Ohio State University, Penn State University, and more.  The quality of our multiplatform services, coupled with our multi-faceted education and scribe development programs ensure that we exceed the incredibly high standards one would expect of such partnerships.

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