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To provide the best quality medical care, physicians need to spend more time interacting with and treating their patients and less time handling administrative duties. Studies have shown that when doctors communicate effectively with patients - providing them with the opportunity to ask follow-up questions, for example - their satisfaction and outcomes improve. But it's impossible for physicians to provide this level of personalized care and devote sufficient time to each patient if they are overburdened by medical documentation responsibilities.

Doctors have been shown to spend up to one-third of their work days, often more, on activities not related to direct patient care, with much of this time devoted toward documentation and dictation.

When trained medical scribes work alongside doctors in hospitals, emergency departments and individual practices - managing administrative tasks on their behalf - practices are able to maximize the time physicians provide direct care.

At Elite Medical Scribes, a national leader in scribe services, we offer highly trained scribes who can help your practice keep thorough, accurate notes, whether you use paper medical records or have upgraded to electronic medical records software.

Our medical scribe training program educates candidates on the industry's best practices for medical transcription and documentation. Our extensive scribe training program ensures our scribes are capable of working with any software and are adaptive to any practice environment.

Partner with Elite Medical Scribes and enjoy the benefits of having a professional medical scribe on-staff, which include:

  • Increased accuracy and completion of medical records
  • More face time between patients and physicians
  • Reduced medical documentation errors and deficiencies
  • Fewer cases of physician burnout and low morale
  • Improved patient satisfaction rates

In a rapidly developing industry that offers a number of options, Elite Medical Scribes is the provider of choice for practices around the country because we are focused on quality and customer service for each of our clients. Our commitment to an individually attuned long-term approach to scribe services ensures the best return on investment for our clients. A partnership with Elite Medical Scribes includes:

  • A clear cost structure with no upfront fees or set up costs
  • Full-service scribe recruitment, training and management
  • Multi-level scribe training program to reflect industry's best practices
  • Comprehensive quality assurance backed by our scribe certification and review processes
  • Dedicated customer service

Contact Elite Medical Scribes today to learn how bringing in scribes can help your practice increase productivity, improve the quality of medical documentation and unlock the potential for even stronger patient care practices.

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